Stop Frame Animation goes big on Youtube

25. June, 2012 Video No comments

I remember first seeing the antics of Tony and Paul a long time ago back when it had only a few views it was actually posted in November 2006. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a stop frame animation of “Two friends turned enemies” – a battle between Tony and Paul.

Now the video has 6,445,753 views. That’s impressive!

Some more details taken from the creators:

  • No green screens
  • No animation apart from the title text
  • Over 4000 still shots make up the video

For me, the charm of this video is that it appears so off the cuff. The situations we find these 2 characters in are very ‘everyday’, and the places where it is shot are recognisable, and probably instantly homely to many viewers. However, it must have been meticulously planned. Every move would have required many jumps and many takes.

Just goes to show what you can do these days with a camera and  home computer.




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