the Silky Event of a Thread


The motions & weaving of threads in the fabric of life. Beauty. 

& it’s event by Ann Hamilton, it’s a massively imaginative installation in New York, New York.

All about the motion of life & how motion is the very nature of life. To live life has to flow & that juxtaposition between all the motions & balances of so many things & when recognized or aligned, the tranquility of it, the beauty of it. It’s a very surreal piece of installation art- as well as the movements of the visitors creating the effect, birds are released at the end of each day too.

& just the motions of the silk sheet; serenity. Quite the philosophical piece but simply; visually astounding!

Ann herself says;

‘the event of a thread is made of many crossings of the near at hand and the far away: it is a body crossing space, is a writer’s hand crossing a sheet of paper, is a voice crossing a room in a paper bag, is a reader crossing with a page and with another reader, is listening crossing with speaking.’


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