The Power of Nature

23. July, 2012 Video No comments

Nature has the power to create and destroy. We often find ourselves contemplating amazing sceneries, and thinking there is “too much beauty in the world” like Ricky Fitts in American Beauty. The truth is different.

Nature has no soul and does not care about humans. For an instant reminder of how little our lives are compared to everything that surrounds us, have a look at this video. This tourist from Australia experienced his first (and probably last) iceberg tsunami right from the comfort of his boat.

Nature doesn’t care about anyone. That day¬†almost became our last day.

Yes, art draws on nature. But that’s only because we see in it something coming from inside us. We see smiles in clouds, we hear the voice of the rain and talk to the wind. Novelists make their protagonist’s mood match with the weather, a painter may look at the sunset and see betrayal, gratitude or excitement.

We anthropomorphize things to make sense of the world. Nature can be the sweetest companion and the most violent enemy.


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