Muto by Blu – Animating outside the box


For those who have not stumbled across Blu before, he does animation. Not just any animation, though – we’re talking a strange mix of thought provoking graffiti, stop frame animation and expressive story telling seemingly flitting between small random happenings and large observational ideas about humanity and beyond.

This video shows a piece entitled Muto and is set on the streets on Buenos Aires.

This extra ordinary mix of styles leaves me with 2 thoughts:

- Firstly, Blu is clearly a wonderful artist. Succinct at getting his idea across, while at the same time using a very large, awkward 3D canvas and paint as his medium.

- Secondly, I have to wonder about how these films are physically made. Stop frame animation is hard enough when faced with pen and paper, but outside, on public walls, erasing as you go and working with all the limitations this brings, makes the result even more wonderful.


So, enjoy the video!



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