the 600 years by Macula


Mind blowing story telling! 

We have such a fascinating fascination with the measurement of time, we have ticks & tocks to measure the many different rhythms of life & the universe. The change of the sun, the moon, the seasons, distant stars & the Milky Way itself.

Anyway- this audio visual technique brings a whole new creativity & concept to cinema. The telling of a story by projecting it onto the buildings that here specifically, the story is about. & it’s really good- engaging & very gothically dramatic! It’s commemorating the tale that is 600 years of an astronomical clock tower in Prague.

It weaves on lots of lines this, it involves animation, sound, light & architecture. It’s a technique called video mapping. It creates a fantastically powerful illusion!

It’s creators, the Macula Project

“explores the relationship between image, sound and viewer. It fights the established limits and pushes the boundaries in search of alternative approaches. A suggestive play of light on a physical object creates a new dimension and changes the perception of a seemingly ordinary object.”

Well you got that right!


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