Body Landscapes by Teger

20. January, 2013 Photography No comments


These black & white photographic creations are probably the most imaginative & artistic use of boobs & bottoms I’m yet to come across. & if there were a search- is the search over?

What you first see here isn’t quite what you get! With these you get a little more than you bargained for. Humorous & quirky- the landscaping of the body.

Quite the countours!

Part erotic in subject yes obviously but the erotic isn’t the game here, or intention. The working of the body line but differently & with a very different effect. The artist Allan Teger spent years first understanding the nature of realities & then the artitic endeavour of articulating & I quote, that

“two realities can exist simultaneously”

& what an effective, eye- catching way to do so! No?


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