Wall Carvings by Vhila

14. January, 2013 The Market No comments

This is a super creative vision for walls! 

It creates & uses a stencil effect but by carving, chip, chip chipping away at the rock.

Takes stencil graffiti & in my mind street art, to a whole new & different level- well really, it takes etching to a whole new level. Brings it to the streets & its larger than life these. Very cool; using the surface lick of paint, plaster underneath & brick below that to create amazingly well textured & layered work. Really clever. They look awesome.

These great pieces of street art are by Vhila, aka Alexandre Farto & the globe from England to Russia & Portugal are seeing first hand his dead imaginative technique.

& the rubble below the finished article I think is a great touch- just adds to the effect, to it’s authenticity!


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