The Black Cloud by Amorales

20. January, 2013 The Market No comments

This is paper cutting to the nth degree- it’s a swarm, it’s a hurricane!!

Black moths. All inspiringly 30,000 of them! These are the mesmerizing installations by the Mexican artist Carlos Amorales. Tens of thousands of paper cut black moths from 32 different species no less & each glued to the walls to create- what the curators have defined, as an attempt at the over powering.

Awesome creativity & an inspiring scene; the beauty & potential power of nature in the numbers. How a moth is a moth- a pretty little thing with it’s own individuality & detail but group them en masse & perhaps not so pretty when there are 30,000 of them chasing you down the halls & corridors!

But. There is far more to the power of this installation than the notion of a threat…

Fascinating. Enchanting.


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