Biological Interior Design – meet Ernest Neto


If you want to “funkify” your home, considering bringing in Ernest Neto. Granted you will need a home the size of a castle to fit these interior design art pieces into it, but if you could, you would have a home which would be the talk of the town.

Ernesto Neto is considered one of the absolute leaders of brazil’s contemporary art scene. His inspiration comes partly from brazilian neo-concretism. at the end of the 1950s and beginning of the 60s the movement’s best-known proponents, lygia clarc and hélio oiticica,rejected modernism’s ideas of autonomous geometric abstraction. instead, they wanted to equate art with living organisms in a kind of organic architecture, and invite the viewer to be an active participant.

Here is some of his work.

at the museum of modern art aloísio magalhães
mamam recife, brazil 2003

the martin margules family collection
installation at the 49 biennale di venezia,
photo: eduardo ortega

puff puff, 1996
photo: vicente de mello

humanoids, 2001
photo: manfred wegener

the garden, 2003

the slow pace of the body that skin is, 2004


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