Gibberish, Ramblings or Tongue? A look at the Art of Language

24. February, 2012 Innovation No comments

What is art to one & beautiful can be just as easily rejected by another. And so we have the art of languages. And what is it about languages and cultures that set them apart? Communication in a culture can vary so wildly that in one small town can have a form of language or communication which could not be understood by the adjacent town.

I don’t pretend to know all about this subject, but my travels around the World (especially Europe) have impressed on me a fascination on how people, cultures, how we all talk to each other.

Let’s look at an example

A red envelope in London could mean anything. But it means only one thing in Beijing. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits and used in occasions such as a death of a family member, or other situations which may require warding off fiendish energy. It has even now been commercialized so that kids buy chocolate wrapped in a “red envelope wrapper”.

It’s obviously simple but amazingly marvelous, and these kind of things define a culture and are in themselves an art form.

All cultures, big or small, ancient and modern and even a relationship requires a language. Given, written, spoken or even thought. These things are ways to talk, there are a thousand million ways say something even when the message is the same. Ways we agree on, create & define for ourselves!

The Valley Girl

Ok, not to pick on anyone here, but let’s see what makes the stereo-type valley girl of America so prominent (now on at cinemas and TV shows near you). Everything about her language, dialect, clothes, hair and cheap lipstick are an artistic communication – a language in itself I guess.

And there are so many creative & beautiful ways to say something, anything you want to. From French & Italian, to Japanese & Maths, smiles & hands, emocons, music and literature.

The Japanese have art imprinted into their language. It is so creative that it is commonly used by designers to reflect a message.

Japanese Symbol for Beauty, Freedom, Courage



One could could even say the season are a form of art. Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. And in that same breath one could say Birth, Life, Decay & Death or Start, Change, Conservation & Stop. So when you multiply everything by all our languages then by 7 billion voices, umpteen colours, hundreds of paint brushes & instruments & then multiply all that by infinity you have the art of our world’s language and culture.

Fantastic isn’t it?

And in closing my artistic piece on this mad blog, I give you a video which I recently found and thought was pretty cool.



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