But Why? Why why why why? Just because.

18. December, 2012 Art Trends No comments

Settle down for a tick because yes.

The message is always cool in any piece of art & it’s nice to understand the artists intention & yes there can be a why but sometimes no-just because. Because. Because. Just because- it’s beautiful! & that’s all there is to it. Beauty. Simply that.

Here are mere glimpses through time compared to the wealth  of art that is first & foremost simply beauty. From Fab to Van Gogh to Waterhouse to Simonet & from Monet to Turner to Draper, all the way back to the royalty of the Renaissance, Raphael, Michelangelo & Botticelli.

For the curious, enjoy the Google searches, it’s a panorama.

& I think the Sistine Chapel is practically pilgrimage! One of the greatest artists that ever breathed & walked Michelangelo- he went close to blind for his love of that ceiling. Inspiring. Gifted.


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