Over on the West Coast Take 2


Wait- there’s more & more to say! 

There’s such a lovely pride to it’s form & regiment. Isn’t that peculiar?

Or perhaps even that as tides rise & fall so must these, there certainly is the idea of, inevitability. Or perhaps even, that at high tide, as the waters ebbed back, it was the ocean that created these & so as the waves approach the ocean claims them back, to then start over again. Interesting.

The quaintness of these houses, little against the backdrop of cliff reminds me of England, where there our each & every home is a castle & so of course, castles made of sand…

But to me there’s more, the stage talks of something far more compelling. Abstract. In that, in our seeming littleness against an apparent largeness that there are forces at play beyond our control, at that moment of creativity at least.

Brilliant piece of art, quite simply; in its visual, & colour, textural & photographic effect.




©2012 Lynn Kloythanomsup of Architectural Black, All Rights Reserved.

©2012 Lynn Kloythanomsup of Architectural Black, All Rights Reserved.


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