Over on the West Coast Take 1


Somewhere, as though somehow in a near but distant land. 

There is in the tranquil shadow of a golden gate; the arts of craft, installation & photography.

This is visually wonderful & it has a sense of mystery that could mean so much. There’s a poignancy to it. & the patience of it all, the care; a labour of love at the knowing mercy of nature’s will.

I find, not a beautiful sadness in the near certain & resulting approach of the ocean, wave after wave as the tides rise under the yearning call of that distant friend, our moon but instead, the beauty of change.

Or perhaps even that the waves & ocean water are the last & missing ingredient to these curious & intriguing creations, making it interactive- the water the piece of art’s random necessity & yet still, I can’t but help will them to survive as they are.




©2012 Lynn Kloythanomsup of Architectural Black, All Rights Reserved.


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