Thought & Electronica- it Shouldn’t Work, But


Sometimes I fall in love with the 21st Century! The creativity of it. The raw potential of it. It’s like hard wiring into a gazillion volt lightning bolt. Have you ever experienced one of those sensual explosion overloads that leaves you in pleasurable ribbons? Or frazzled?

It’s this story- I like this video & the whole package fits together very oddly well. It’s s0 spiritual, & triumph in diversity- the native indian culture & yet it’s spliced with electronica & a huge bass line! It shouldn’t work, it conflicts, there’s nothing native indian to dub step- but it still does. It works!

All the ingredients & the mix of it all is very cool- because music as music- song, is a whole different department entirely!

Press play. Go on. Blow your face off.


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