Tattoo You

28. December, 2012 Art Trends No comments

The beautiful & perhaps not so beautiful experiences that scar so beautifully.

Tattoos get a lot of stick & grief- for obvious & right reasons too but there is also something finer about them! There is an aesthetic to them. The pain & pleasure behind them & in the articulation of them literally on the skin. The life defining moment, experience or relationship, a profound hope or the strength of a desire or a deep unbreakable bond or the thought of an eternity or just because they can be pretty.

I find many of a certain style of them & what’s underneath them interesting. Do you ever wonder about them?

Then there is the intimacy & personal & privacy of them! An interesting art & quite the artistic skill. Here are a few.

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Even the geekier of us are at it too with this one!

Tattoo me too.


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