A Taste of Contemporary Art


What is contemporary art?

This is an excellent question, and one that isn’t asked often enough. Presumably, this is another one of those art definitions we are all supposed to know – most likely by osmosis, or some other telepathic means, because (heaven forbid) you wouldn’t want to ask a “stupid” question at some Art World function. (Well, you might, but I wouldn’t. At least, not ever again.)

Anyway, the answer is divinely simple. Contemporary just means “art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes”. In other words, contemporary to us.

This article pulls some of our most talented contemporary artist’s works to showcase their beauty.

Ian Francis

Website: www.ifrancis.co.uk
Mixed media painting,emotion in every line. Ian Francis works most productive at night, spending a lot of time watching TV/films, reading books and looking around the internet while creating a new piece of art.



Adam Cvijanovic

Website: www.bellwethergallery.com
Adam Cvijanovic lives in New-York. He had multiple exibitions all over the world and every time his works strike imagination.



Stella Im Hultberg

Website: www.stellaimhultberg.com
Naked sensual girls everywhere, on drawings, paintings, sketches. Stella Im Hultberg* is a painter currently living and working in new-York is aiming to explore the side of human nature that is suppressed or unspoken in most people.



The Royal Art Lodge

Website: www.royalartlodge.com
Group of Canadian artists producing simple and naive paintings and drawings.



Chuck Close

Website: www.chuckclose.coe.uh.edu
“Sometimes the little space between the dots were to white. I wanted to give it tone…it is not an accident that one little spot is white and one is dull.each spot is the result of the conscious effort.”



Will Cotton

Website: www.willcotton.com
“In a painting, if it feels like a scene you could walk into, it’s a landscape space. If it’s something you could
reach into and grab an object, it’s a still life space.”



Gottfried Helnwein

Website: www.helnwein.com
“It is in the function of the artist to evoke the experience of surprised recognition: to show the viewer what he knows but doesn’t know that he knows. Helnwein is a master of surprised recognition.”



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