Tailoring for the Feathered Kind


Or even perhaps the feathered mind. Do you have that in a size 0.8?! 

What a flutter these colourful & imaginative illustrations are!

I find the idea of personification very interesting, quirky, even comical but very endearing.

It’s a wonderful skill personification; the granting of life & dressing birds in fine military dress is a lovely idea.

From the one of many points of view, the idea that perhaps not to our Human eyes, but that still all species rank or stand to attention when an officer is on deck or have an adorning uniform of honour & duty or recognise where respect is due. Similar to how tuneful sounds to us are words to others.

They are cute & sweet to say the least but this flock probably pack a punch- or a peck rather!

It’s the early bird that catches the worms.


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