Scott Weaver’s Toothpick Weaves


For most of us a toothpick is, well, a toothpick- but not for Scott Weaver! Oh no, not Scott Weaver.

His enthusiasm for his art is bested only by the brilliance & intricacy of these, his toothpick castle like creations, enormous in size, considering what they are built from, toothpick by toothpick & enormous in detail & complexity & this one doesn’t just sit pretty either- it’s a roller-coaster! Engineering too!

What a marvel & a testament to patience & love & struggle for one’s art, vision, creativity & skill.

This world in particular is an exploration, an adventure into the city of San Francisco, together with a china town, street names, tourist hot spots, pagodas, bushes & trees & no less, where the artist left his heart.

Press play for a roller coaster tour!


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