The next Salvador Dali? Or the next Dieter Schwertberger


With such a wealth of culture and art behind us, the artists of today can really stand on the shoulders of giants. But this represents a problem – how do we create something new? Something fresh and exciting? Something which makes our audience sit up and think about a subject?

After all, art is about making people think – and this is hard in a saturated landscape. Will there ever be another Dali? Another Caravaggio? Does it actually matter? Well, perhaps not. As long as there is creativity, and a thirst for its continuation, art will continue.

A comparison to a past master – a complement or a disappointment?

We hear it all the time in popular culture… The next Bob Dylan…The next Roy Lichtenstein… But while being incredibly flattered to be compared to one of the greats, surely one would be ever so slightly annoyed that your highest accolade was a comparison to someone who could never be topped.

Perhaps its just our culture?

Perhaps we take this issue too seriously. We all need a point of reference, and with today’s appetite for snappy headlines and catchy subjects perhaps it comes as no surprise. If people are looking deeper, then does it really matter what the title says?

The next Salvador Dali, or the next Dieter Schwertberger?

An artist worthy of more than a comparison to a past master is Dieter Schwertberger. Hailing from Germany, he studied the masters in Vienna before going on to create these exciting pieces.

You can definitely see elements of past masters, for example Dali, but he gives a new direction and thought to his subject matter. His expansive paintings are enveloping, and give the idea of another world – something halfway between our physical world and our consciousness.

Below are 4 of my favourite paintings from Dieter Schwertberger . So what do think? Do you find them new and exciting? Thought provoking and deep? Or do you think this path has been trodden before?

Dieter Schwertberger 02

Dieter Schwertberger 02

Dieter Schwertberger 03

Dieter Schwertberger 04





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