The Rhythm & Rhyme of Greek Mythology Down the Line

19. December, 2012 Art Trends No comments

Take a walk with me amongst a phenomenal inheritance. 

Through concepts & paintings & stories & tales that just. Just fascinate me. So very beautiful & intensely attractive. Greek mythology & the inspiration it brought to so many artists- inspired some of the most visually powerful art. It’s incredible!

& the paintings, how they resonate resolutely down the ages. In our culture they always re- surface. They are that good, the beauty of it survives. & each time, be it more beautifully or just differently or better, worse or not quite but- they come back.

Here’s a handful, kicking of with William Bougureau whom I think did it best; the grace of them, the finesse. Perfect.

Annibale Carracci:

These nail it by Herbert Draper:

Alexander Ivanov:

& this is Nikolai Ge:

Da Vinci did these:

& this is errr- Pier Francesco Mola!

& this is by a François Boucher:

I’m no historian but I think that’s right.

& the poetry that went before them- I’m nearly obsessed!


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