Portraits of Wonder & Wilderness by Carne


Sense creativity within the cold! Sense the beauty that is the strength of vulnerability against harsh icy elements. 

These portraits, they have a wonderful sense of union with nature, togetherness.

The artist Carne Griffiths, he explores with liquids, he uses inks, alcohol & the use of tea especially gives the portraits a very earthy, natural feel, not of lush greenery & abundance but rather as exposed to the elements, vulnerable with but not struggling against that sense of cold & that gives these a very naked & raw beauty.

They also have a sense of extreme expression, emotive & free- as though they are drawing upon all the life of a flower but condensed into a single moment, climatic. All imbued onto & into a piece of paper.

It’s a world lacking definition & solidity- fascinating place, inspiring depth & textures!


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