An Oooodle of Doodles

17. December, 2012 Art Trends No comments

I like the doodle! – I find them interesting. Bit odd. Peculiar. 

The wandering thought of them, the small feel of exploration with them, the very often complete flippant or non- seriousness of them. They are like ideas in progress, creative ideas, ideas that are on the go, on the tip of the tongue & I like seeing that, watching it.

& pro artist’s doodles & sketches are often left to one side & not made public so I went & searched high & low for these, some great ones! & maybe there is such a thing already as the professional doodler!

Aren’t they good?

& sometimes they are just a cool, creative way to pass some time. Pick up your Moleskin because I heard this cool story about this doodler for a mathematician. The Ulam Spiral (I wouldn’t) like the doodle below was discovered whilst doodling through a boring scientific meeting! So there you go.

For even more doodles click here. No, here!


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