The Magic of Pincel de Zorro


Witness the fitness of this skill & creativity!

This is exceptional! Exceptional animation.

& the beauty of living, breathing, flowing ink, the aesthetic of it, the fluidity of it- it’s beautiful. Press play & see the skill of its form & nature here. I find it very enjoyably watchable!

This animation is a wonderful achievement for the animator Hugo Codinach & the illustrator Meritxell Ribas. Hugo told me all about the love & passion & work & late night hours that went into this personal project. It’s complete kudos!

Done in both English & Spanish, it’s a promotional piece for an illustrated tale written by Sergio Sierra but for me, it’s that good that it stands all by itself. The story is set in Japan & it’s about a girl, a fox & a magical adventure- but will she survive the treachery?!




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