for the Love of Vintage Light


Maybe some of the best photography there is around!

There is a growing Polaroid revival going down today & it’s lead by the Impossible Project, tune in. The Polaroid is not dead!

Now I myself, I am ready to confess, am starting to become a little obsessed with polaroid photography. Its quirks, its play & distortion of light to create amazingly warm effects & their atmospheric texture, their hit & missness- that it is old school too is just cool. Polaroids have a great nostalgic & vintage feel to them. As photographs, I find Polaroids priceless & each one has an originality & compared to much of todays photography, Polaroids create something the modern, digital camera does not. Something very unique!

All of these slices are but a few of all the Polaroids sent in to the Impossible Project. Marvel!

& if you”re gonna, read the instructions first, seriously :).

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