Invitations to Tango in Code, Visually


Welcome to the digital art world of the interactive visual arts, a world where artistic web platform designers ooze creativity in both visual effect & giving you your visual effect.

See how here in these, the worlds of fine art, abstract art & web platform design are strung together in a new way, to produce not only something different & clever but also a piece of interactive art that allows you to create a unique piece of art, every time.

Similar to the art & love that goes into creating canvas. Interesting huh?

Is this the future?

A hand, the mouse, your clicks & a tiny little adventure in these, can start, change; add to, edit & stop a piece of art. Try it out, have a click & see where your curiosity takes you.

& just hit reload to start over.

& try this one called the Sketch of Voronoi

With this next one, not so much art but have a play with space & time.


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