Imbuing Life with More Life by Feng

23. December, 2012 Art Trends No comments

See these for the beauty of nature x ? 

These landscapes taking the beauty of nature in contrast to the beauty of sheer mountain faces or breath- taking valleys have a serene romanticism to them but with a definite presence of an oriental twist.

There is the dominance of black structures with intense imagination & color appended to them. I really like them! The artist Feng, takes inspiration from the natural compositions of nature itself- that’s cool!

I like this world, a world where the beauty of life, of nature has been taken & imbued, woven with even more life, intensified it, magnified it with color. They’ re tasty.

As he says himself;

“Usually I go around – to the river, the forest, the lake – to try and find interesting compositions.”



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