the Heavenly Eclipse/Blue


The deeply sensual angelic desire of love & touch. It’s a Nosaj Thing

Prepare yourself audio visually for something sensually exceptional- the wonder of visualizing sound. A gasmic fantastic collaboration of sounds & visions.

Open your arms to mesmerizing pleasure, captivating beauty. Blow open your senses.

Wander & lose yourself, let yourself go, be thrown & washed up amongst, swim in a heavenly notion & be touched by this heavenly chord.

Sounds & their visualizations.

How do sounds look? The sound & rhythm of a heartbeat? & the sound of a gasp, a deep longing breath? & how do sights, thoughts & emotions sound?

& if that isn’t blowing your noodle- how could serenity or joy or pleasure look two dimensionally? & three dimensionally?

Dream like questions with dream like answers!

Phenomenal creativity. Enjoy!!


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