The golden phase of Gustav Klimt


Worthy of a look is the sensual and intricate dream-like paintings of Gustav Klimt.


Gustav Klimt was an influential Austrian artist from the 19th Century. Born in 1862 in a small town in Austria, he went on to become the first president of the Vienna Secession and his work remains very popular to this day.

His Golden Phase refers to a period in time when he used gold leaf extensively throughout his pieces to create a sense of richness and elegance. When this technique was combined with his natural flare for dream like concepts and his meticulous attention to detail, the results were out of this world.

What stands out for me is his ability to cover a large range of subjects. He is perhaps most famous for his sensual depictions of women, often exotically lying around surrounded by colourful fabrics and flowers – but he executes landscapes, towns and trees equally well as you will see below:

So here are a few paintings which demonstrate the depth of his work:

Gustav Klimt A01

Gustav Klimt A02

Gustav Klimt A04

Gustav Klimt 01

Gustav Klimt 03

Gustav Klimt 04

Gustav Klimt 05




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