the Less is so much More by Floyd


A very different approach to the illustrative side of fashion aesthetics! 

There is often a battle between fine art & illustration & here with these we see the power of both. See the power of fine art coming through in these illustrations. Simplicity, the retro elegance of bold contrasts & where the artist invites you to join the dots, to color the whites or not, to let your imagination & thoughts & personality fill & add to the spaces & forms.

These illustrations by Floyd Grey also have an amazing sense of professionalism in their off the cuff-ness, an incredible sense of vision & control in what are very loosely, almost erratically defined lines. They’ re extremely artistic- the beauty created from the lack of precision & the sense of; down a little like this & about round there like that & then a curl, a swirl here, a bit more down to the sides like so & bingo- done. Next.

How cool is that?!


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