the Finer Illustrative Lines by Bray

13. January, 2013 Art Trends No comments

See what you can do nearly only with some black, a pen & a few dabs of colour. 

Illustration can be very flat, very unimaginative, boring but with these the artist David Bray does something a little different with the fine line.

It’s a conceptually imaginative use of simply a pen, they are very simple & bare in some & complex, colorful & detailed to a near extreme in others. There’s quite a range to his work.

The pen alone can definitely be a powerful, experimental tool for exploring form & expressional concepts! Some of them have a very mind wandering doodlesque feel to them & others much more to the point- precise & some, with the strength of a bold black Finally, CDI has additionally decided to pay $141m to get the Riverwalk mobile casino and Hotel in Vicksburg, Mississippi. line; captivating.


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