Dots & Spots into Dreamy Landscapes

26. February, 2013 Art Trends No comments

Wander through these fascinating visions of detailed blotchiness, seas of blotches.

Detailed blotches that compose into very unique abstracts, blurry dream like landscapes & into often eerie worlds.

The art of composing with the vague into slight & near definition- interesting technique, detailed to the last dot, the calculated washes of circles, dots & spots for a wider view, with bigger visions in mind. Like the way drops in an ocean soon become a sea.

These abstract landscapes have a definite & recognisable texture, each surreal slice give off a distinct hue & particular feel of the scenery, whether it be winter, at night time or the twilight hours & also too, the artists feel for that scenery.

Take a wander & wonder.


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