Digital Dance Floors


Visit the world of digital interactivity, where here the platforms steer away from but keep some of the abstract visual side & focuses on the creativity of sounds. 

Although basic, these platforms for notes, tunes, loops & beats could intrigue, delight & maybe even fascinate the senses or turn out pure irritating & quickly too into just messy noise. See how something that starts serene or harmonic can quickly descend into monotones or dischord. But, even that too can be part of any symphony.

Even with the interactive arts, as the viewer, creating takes practice. Even just for some childish fun.

I like how creativity spills & spreads even into this world of software & computer language where it’s not often seen outside of a function.

They are very simple & yet with them you could evaporate a few minutes, kill an hour, “waste” an entire day or create something unique & cool for yourself.

Finger & clicks at the ready. Lets compose. Then lets dance, maybe!

See with this one from image shack, the interplays possible between visual & audio symmetries.

This one from qwerty beats.

& with this one from soul wire, apply some of the rules of attraction & see what happens.

Try turning this one into a wind chime.



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