David Hockney reaches for the IPAD


Art and technology have always had an interesting relationship, and no more interesting than today, when we have more technology available than ever before.


The best thing that technology can give the artist is the possibility to do something never done before, but sometimes this is overshadowed by the technology making everything a little too easy, which can result in the dumbing down of an art form.

It could be said that the best technology is that which facilitates the most whilst coloring the least, allowing the creativity of the artist to shine through and be captured in its unaltered state – and it is in this area that the IPAD excels – and for this reason that famous artists, such as David Hockney, have taken to using the IPAD as more than just a fancy toy.

David Hockney Ipad painting

Here are 5 reasons why the IPAD is great for artists:


  1. It’s portable. You can take it anywhere
  2. It’s touchscreen. Paint right on the paper.
  3. It’s responsive. The touchscreen allows for an incredible level of detail.
  4. Its battery lasts long enough for some long painting sessions.
  5. It it silent – allowing for no distractions.



There are a few different drawing and painting apps, but the most widely used seems to be Sketchbook. Here is a demo of what is possible with Sketchbook 2:



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