the Oh So Curiosa by Kukula

6. January, 2013 Art Trends 1 comment

Witness here the peculiar aesthetic of dark boredom & opulence! 

There is a remarkably unusual beauty in this darkness. A powerful sense of boredom, lostness, childish innocence & plus, plus the woven sense of the erotic nearly throughout. This world is a mind teasing tantalizer. I find them fascinatingly mysterious & without a qualm, extremely naughty too. Dark.

The conflicts; the fairy & fairy tale like fantasia vs. the pain, horror & cruelty plus childish & girly innocence vs. the sexual & erotic!

The Israeli born artist Kukula says,

“I was always obsessed with two things: dolls & illustration. So at the age of eighteen, I decided to study art instead of enlisting in the army as I was supposed to, because the army wouldn’t let me bring my dolls along to basic training.”

Good choice. So here, the awkwardly impinging of the most beautiful sadness.

  1. Zero

    9 / 19 / 2013 8:51 am

    Awesome work Your are a Rockstar





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