Finally a creative use for all your junk mail!


Do you ever wake up to the sound of the letter box – excited to go downstairs and see the mass of people sending you loving letters, gifts and free concert tickets…only to be greeted by a large pile of totally useless junk mail inter-dispersed with the odd utility bill or worse?

Me too. If you have a fixed address, chances are you’ve experienced this phenomenon. But unlike most, artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold saw this as an opportunity; a material to work with that she was being sent for free. She puts her artistic side down to her Eidetic Imagery. In her own words:

” I was a subject of an extensive research study. I have Eidetic Imagery – something like a photographic memory…but I can see images in the air, watch movies in the air…it is extremely rare.

In addition, I have Perfect Pitch and I am a Synesthete – these “phenomena” have affected my entire existence! Drawing, designing, painting – always in color, always in “tune.” I began piano lessons at four”


So, Sandhi decided to use the junk mail to create something beautiful, and that she did. The majority of her pieces are portraits, and she now does commission portraits for all sorts of people.

I do love the idea of re-purposed materials to create art, but I also think these pieces stand on their own without that context. They are beautifully rich, colourful and expressive – with elements of pop art, but also of mosaic creations from centuries gone by.

Just reminds us what can be created with some everyday rubbish,  a little time and a spark of genius:

Schimmel Art 02

Schimmel Art 02

Schimmel Art 04

Schimmel Art 05

Schimmel Art 06

Schimmel Art 07

Schimmel Art 08

Schimmel Art 09

  1. Yuli

    10 / 20 / 2012 3:03 pm

    these picture are cute, I really like this kind of art! :))


    • Jonathan

      12 / 6 / 2012 2:48 pm

      yeah! me too- it looks great.





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