the Coo Coo Coo Cool Quirky by Colette


These are just! I mean- have you ever seen anything quite like it? 

It’s awesomely good. Mysteriously quirky. The powerfully peculiar by Colette Calascione.

It’s mad with circus like creativity, disagreement & individuality. & portraits that say ‘hi, this is me’. I find it very likeable. Visually a bit boggling.

The Victorian feel, backdrop & fashion of them is great, gives them such a charm & notice too how like the Victorian style, there’s the purposeful placing of many objects each with a significance. Far from random. Quirks.

I love this kind of art; art that stands quite unobtrusively & says ‘I’m beautiful, can you see it & can you see how much?’ & ‘I’ll smile at you but do you dare truly look at me?’

Enjoy :)


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