The Colour of Money


Isn’t pink for the Brits or green for the Americans but multi coloured!

Check out these quirks by James Charles; dollar bill creations using a whole selection of the US currency. 

It’s a great way to say a great many things on a variety of levels- satirical, deep or just because- light humored & entertaining.

An instant take is the wonderful effect artists continually have in our lives & modern day culture.

On a deeper level & perhaps my wicked temptation for devils advocacy here, is it the presidents, founding fathers & statesmen that have defined our times for the greatest good the most or is it the artists; the poets, the painters, the writers & musicians & actresses? Or even the characters of the tales themselves, the comic book heros, the Han Solos of the world & the fairy tale endings?

Either way, interesting concept, huh?

This creative spin on the normal is definitely the popular trend of today. I like it.

Here are a few of the ones I find coolest, see if you can find Jimi, Johnny & Princess Leia.


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