Care for a few Tokyo Candies?

13. January, 2013 Art Trends No comments

Welcome to the plump & juicy & wild fantasy world of Rubens Cantuni

& his equally plump & juicy & wild creations- the Tokyo Candies!

He really messes with the conventional & classic Japanese concepts. I think it’s very good how he has un-stereotypified some of what is truly iconic. It’s interesting, how far can a concept go from itself before it no longer is itself, no longer recognisable? Not quite sure if his creations are endearingly a modern take on the centuries old in this the 21st Century or, mocking a millennia old heritage- I’ll let you decide!

They are quirky & amusing to say the least. Bright & colorful & somehow miraculously perhaps, innocent but pumped with pop attitude!! PpppppPPpOP.


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