Boutique fashion from the English countryside


Rouge Pony have entered the scene with a certain delicate English charm that is both refreshing and interesting.

In there own words, Rouge Pony is…

a small custom base accessory company in England, shaped on the idea of its clients being able to find solace in a unique and individual form of expression.

Uniqueness is an important thing in fashion – but it’s not often available commercially. To create individual pieces on a commercial scale is not something that is usually viable – but with the introduction of Etsy and similar sites, it is now possible to reach out to customers with single, unique items. In a world of chain stores and mass production, it’s really nice to own / wear something unique.

You can find them on Etsy, Facebook and ASOS Marketplace:





Rouge Pony 06

Rouge Pony 02

Rouge Pony 07

Rouge Pony 08

Rouge Pony 09

Rouge Pony 10

Rouge Pony 12


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