Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail


This is what I call bullbaiting in proper British style. Hilarious!

Hilarious illustrative postcards! Turning illustrative humour & skill into direct playful gibes.

This is a rather different collection of illustrations, of postcards called Hate Mail created by a Mr Bingo. It plays out like this:

You simply pay him. & he takes the piss. Out of you. Or someone else. Explicitly. Via postcard. Illustrated.

Form an orderly queue please. The tally stands at 400 already!

But be warned, Mr Bingo takes no responsibility for the thoughts & feelings or mental damage as a result. Talk about awkward & direct, demeaning humour!

It’s odd in a way, almost the self electing of a prepaid executioner. Like sitting in the front row during stand up comedy. Knock yourself out!



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