My Finds of 2012 & the Circus Rocks On

16. December, 2012 Art Trends No comments

What a year! Yous? I’m happy to say I’ve found & seen & enjoyed & even dribbled a little at some of the most exceptional artists & their work this year. 

It’s been very fun. There are a few that dropped my jaw too & inspired me to paint & work more & better. Hats off then. & awesome for doing what they do. Here’s a few of my personal favourites.

The beauty that is the work by Samantha Hahn!

Audrey Kawasaki just rocks. Just look at them!

The collages by Sandhi Schimmel

& these by Stina Persson too.

This piece by Esra Roise I just like big time.

& here’s a slice of much more of what’s to come next year! This artist Mira, she uses very sensual & have me colours & textures- inspiring detail! Where she is heading is quite incredible. Still to come. It’s been a good year & the Madhatter troupe goes on.


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