In Bed with Art Deco for Vogue


The American illustrator who gave us Vogue cover after Vogue cover…

…George Wolfe Plank! In the hugely popular Art Deco illustrative style of the time. Check out these fashion illustrations from the 1920’s.

There’s a very specific simplicity to them & they are very much all about the clothes & adventurous designs. Flamboyance, confidence & wonderfully intense creativity.

They are impeccably poised- right down to the hands & fingers, with a very curious feminine innocence & charm to them.

Interesting to see the beginnings of modern, western fashion & Vogue first reaching out into it’s own, setting & pioneering standards. & to see then too the difference between the American, English & French covers.

I find them intriguing, how they subtly communicate that certain in-vogue-ness of life, of exploring the best of what life & the world has to offer.



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