Bathe in the Serene Beauty of Manga


Manga- the illustrative art of Japanese story telling. 

There is so much of it it’s mad & most of it is really good! & it keeps growing, keeps evolving, changing.

There are many styles to Manga, covering a wide scope of subjects in life & with a tall range of emotions too.

It’s worlds are often very spiritual places. I find it heart & mind opening- soulful points of view & fascinatingly different. It’s points of emphasis are far different from that of western cultures.

There’s a beautiful sense of wonder, curiosity, emotional peace but not silence & a natural sense of balance. Not to mention adorable in one direction & brutally raw & gruesomely bloody in another! But- on either end, it’s realities of committed friendships, rites of passage & sincere online casino love- fascinating stuff!

It’s a massively creative arena Manga, not only in it’s styles & differences in quality but also the sheer quantity of it.

There’s clearly a powerful, independent thought behind all this creativity.


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