Bare Simplicity by Picasso

26. February, 2013 Art Trends No comments

How simply do, can simple be?

These Picassos by Picasso are different. Pablo Picasso isn’t known or world famous for creating Picassos that you wouldn’t really necessarily be able to tell were Picassos by Picasso.

How about as simple as 3 flat, black lines to draw a horse? How about 1 flat, black line to draw a dog or a bird?

I think there is a wonderful skill to that, a wonderful imagination, a very curious creativity.

These Picassos by Picasso, although extremely visually simple are actually more than they seem. They aren’t as simple as they look. These are far from doodles really but serigraphs- an early form of print making & stencils.

There you go. That’s Picasso.



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