The Art of Paper Cutting


The art of Paper Cutting is in-vogue these days with new creative ideas rolling out of the creative minds of artists all over the world. Here are some amazing designs using paper cutting techniques to create extremely detailed pieces.

Paper cutting art requires a silky smooth hand with the help of a razor. Some of the detail you will see below will blow your mind, and looks like it has been done by a laser or machine. But it is all by hand.

1. Gucc Grafik and Film by Julene

Julene is a british designer and illustrator. Having created the brand of Madebyjulene he works on personal and corporate branding design projects such as wedding paper cut designs, signage, birthdays, anniversaries and events.

2. Bluness by Stealinghearts

Stealinghearts is the pen name of a twenty year old female designer who loves paper cut art. Retro, trendy with a touch of funk, she uses Flickr to showcase her work and loves to IM! ;)

3. Main25 by Aoyama Hina

Aoyama Hina is a Japanese paper cut artist who lives in France. Again, using Flickr as the showcase ground, this artist works with some of the finest detail in paper cutting technology. And all by hand!

4. Papillon by Aoyama Hina

5. Altop-p by Aoyama Hina

6. Eros & Thanatos by Kako Ueda

Kako Euda is a master of paper cutting. Working only in papar art and illustrations this artist focuses on nature and human forms for inspiration.

7. Reciprocal Pain by Kako Ueda

8. Autobio by Beatrice Coron

Coron’s oeuvre includes illustration, book arts, fine art and public art. She cuts her characteristic silhouette designs in paper and Tyvek. She also creates works in stone, glass, metal, rubber, stained glass and digital media.

9. Dominik by Beatrice Coron

10. Webtime by Beatrice Coron

11. Welcome by Ufocinque

Ufocinque is a female artist who specializes in large paper decor designs. She is also an expert with colour crayons, water colour, oils, enamel spraying and much more. Think big, bold artistic statements.


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