21st Century Sex Sells vs. the 22nd


Wouldn’t it be cool if, not if sex didn’t sell, it will always sell but how about with a bit more taste? 

So, if marketing & selling didn’t revolve so heavily on it? Soon a bus ticket will come with a pair of deliciously long & laced legs. Fine. But it won’t make me get on more buses, you? There are other interests in life that still trump lists. I find it so lazy! Unimaginative. How about something more aesthetic, attractive, appealing- calling out to many of the senses? More creatively?

Sound good?

It’s a risk, a break from the norm. I’m working on it & here are two other great artists loving it too- Samantha Hahn & Stina Persson. I find far more beautiful & just cool! You? Do I see a revolution? Yes, I think I do.


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