<a href="http://madhatterart.co.uk/art-trends/artwork-audrey-kawasaki-handmade/"><b>Artwork by Audrey Kawasaki – Handmade</b></a><p>Audrey Kawasaki has a distinct and remarkable style of artwork. She practices a perfect balance of simple and exquisite.</p> <a href="http://madhatterart.co.uk/art-trends/luxury-roman-art-separating-classes/"><b>Luxury Roman Art – Separating the Classes</b></a><p>Here are some amazing pieces of luxury art in Rome which signified the highest of class.</p> <a href="http://madhatterart.co.uk/art-trends/art-paper-cutting/"><b>The Art of Paper Cutting</b></a><p>Paper Cutting Art is a unique form of communication which can be used to create an entire concept in the mind of a viewer. From Nature to human forms, an entire story can be created with this incredibly detailed art.</p> <a href="http://madhatterart.co.uk/art-trends/super-heros-reflected-renaissance-style-paintings/"><b>Super Heros Reflected in Renaissance Style Paintings</b></a><p>Ever wonder how superheroes would be depicted in history? Well this competition really brought it to reality. How would have artists from yesteryear portrayed these great characters?</p> <a href="http://madhatterart.co.uk/art-trends/the-bean-designers-luftwerk/"><b>“The Bean” by Designers Luftwerk</b></a><p>If you are a fan of public art or enjoyed the spectrums of light from the movie Tron:Legacy, then you will appreciate this aesthetic public work from the multimedia designers Luftwerk.</p> <a href="http://madhatterart.co.uk/art-trends/incredible-illustrations-designer-florian-nicolle/"><b>Incredible Illustrations by Designer Florian Nicolle</b></a><p>Florian Nicolle is a graphic designer from France that has an unique style of illustrations. It’s a mix of drawing, illustrating and painting that combined together is very unique and</p> <a href="http://madhatterart.co.uk/life-hacks/modern-day-hobo/"><b>The Modern Day Hobo</b></a><p>How about a hobo still being in the workaday world, suited & shaven, sharp & on the ball but with the glorious flexibility to spend that same night somewhere with a view completely new?</p>
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